Olivuccia is the heart of our 10-acre Farm where they find at more than 1500 olive trees of varieties Dritta, Leccino and Frantoiana, which enjoy the land and favorable climate of the area of Loreto Aprutino, always known for its sublime quality of its oils.

Our farm produces mainly extra-virgin olive oil (DOP Aprutino-Pescarese) from olive and strictly untreated soil to get a top quality organic olive oil. The collection is made by hand and the immediate pressing at our company, equipped with Crusher plant ' continued, guarantees the preservation of the organoleptic properties, olfactory and gustatory. The oil is then stored in air-conditioned rooms in special containers and packed only shortly before the sale. The result of our efforts is a virgin olive oil ' how nature creates ', high quality and low acidity. On the eye it has a nice golden yellow in colour with green reflexes. The nose opens decided and rotund, rich in vegetal notes of fresh herbs when you mow, tomato, artichoke. The palate shows a typical feeling bitter, accompanied by a spicy sensation in closing.

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In our farm, in addition to the presence of fruit trees and farm animals, we also produce other excellent native local:
-' Tomato passes Pera d'Abruzzo', an ecotype of tomato that is historically cultivated in hilly areas, extremely prized for its seed scarcity for its sweet taste that makes it ideal for the passes.
-the ' Tondino of Tavo Bean ', unique, unmistakable, pure, old, strictly selected by hand, delicate taste and fragrant, noble vegetable protein source.